Conflicts do not necessarily create losers

Does this sound familiar? Once a conflict has developed it will not go away easily. And definitely not by itself. It does not always come into the open and escalate, but under the surface it continues to fester. It ties up resources, lowers motivation and decreases productivity – not only with those people directly involved, but also all around them. And this costs time, money and energy.

With professional support you will be able to resolve a conflict for good. You will find a solution that does not create a winner and a loser, but will contain sustainable agreements which are beneficial to everyone involved. As a neutral third party that does not have any personal interest in the matter of conflict, I can lead a process that brings together all parties involved. There is room for each individual to voice their wishes and needs, but also – maybe for the first time – to really listen to those of the other parties. In this way, we will achieve sustainable solutions that are beneficial to everyone.


Take preventive measures

You can, however, also do a great deal to prevent conflicts from emerging or to settle them at a very early stage. In this respect good communication skills are key: once you know how to formulate your wishes in the right way, you will get a positive reaction much more often. As soon as you have the necessary knowhow, you will also be able to stay calmer and react to others in a more considerate way.

For both conflict prevention and conflict resolution you can count on my expertise as a conflict coach and certified mediator, on my knowledge of nonviolent communication, and my experience as a supervisor and project manager.