Coaching supports your professional development

Coaching takes place in structured, solution-oriented discussions, in which you (the coachee) and myself (the coach) work together on your professional challenges, problems and other  issues you might have at your workplace. Away from your daily routine, I offer a protected, neutral space where you can find the calm to reflect and grow. By asking targeted questions and using various methods I assist you in achieving more clarity, gaining new insights and finding future-looking solutions.


The focus is on you

As a human being you are unique, and as such you are also the only real expert on yourself. This means that ultimately only you will know what is the best solution or the best way forward for yourself. However, sometimes it is not easy to find those solutions on your own. This is where I can support you by offering many different methods and tools. As your coach I am responsible for the process which is tailored to your needs. The content stays with you at all times.

Part of a System

In the course of the coaching process we will also take a step back once in a while and look at the potential impact your decision might have on your environment. After all, you are never completely on your own but always part of different systems – your team at work, your family or your friends. And every single decision you take for yourself will also impact these systems.

On your path to more clarity and personal development I am happy to offer you my expertise as a systemic coach, my competence in systemic constellations for families and organisations as well as my experience as a supervisor in an international organisation.